Last updated: 2019/02/25

Where and What

I live in Biggleswade, UK, and run Moorhen Solutions Ltd., where I work with businesses to grow and scale their tech and teams. Whether it’s providing architectural guidance, coaching developers, strategic planning, or designing software, I help teams be even better; drop me an email at if that sounds like something you could benefit from.

I don’t seem to have cancer any more, as far as we can tell, which is nice.

I’m publishing a weekly-ish newsletter, Burn After Reading, of assorted things I’ve read and enjoyed.

I’ve given a bunch of talks at clients and employers, as well as events like PyCon UK and PyDiff. I’m looking to do much more public speaking on a range of topics - I have a talk on Avoiding Harmful Hiring Practices that I think a lot of engineers and managers could benefit from hearing. So if you’d like me at something you’re doing, drop me an email at

I’m trying to improve my home automation without installing always-on microphones.


This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’s /now movement.