Kristian Glass

I help organisations grow and improve their technology and systems. I’ve led and hired teams, migrated clients and employers to AWS, designed and built and operated robust production web services, and dealt with due-diligence and compliance work with a particular focus on GDPR and PCI-DSS.

I’ve been running distributed teams since 2015, creating diverse and inclusive organisations spanning cultures and continents.


I’m the VP of Engineering at Payoneer Merchant Services, building Payoneer Checkout, Payoneer’s payment acceptance solution. Previously I was an Engineering Manager at Canonical, where I was part of the Snap Store team serving thousands of Snaps used by millions of people, and led the Launchpad team. Prior to that I was the CTO at LaterPay, a payments startup based in Germany, and Head of Systems at Taptu, a mobile search engine.

I also run Moorhen Solutions Ltd., a micro-consultancy helping businesses grow and scale their technology and systems, as well as training and due-diligence work.


I’ve given a number of talks, and I’m eager to do more. I’ve spoken about a range of subjects, from an introductory Python tooling talk at PyDiff, to avoiding harmful hiring practices at PyCon UK. If you’d like me to speak at your event, drop me an email at


I’m a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, and an Individual Member of the Django Software Foundation. I’ve been using Python since around 2010.

I have been the treasurer of PyCon UK since 2016, and am a founder and trustee of the UK Python Association, as well as a founder and director of the PyCon UK Society Ltd. I also ran financial and legal operations for DjangoCon Europe 2023.


I have been involved in NHS Hack Days since I attended the first in 2012. I was the organiser of NHS Hack Day Cambridge 2013, and have worked with Open Health Care UK on a number of projects.